Registered Massage Therapy 

Massage Therapy can be used for treatment of both acute and chronic conditions. It has proven beneficial for a wide variety of conditions, for people of all ages. It provides the following benefits:
- Reduces or eliminates pain.
- Improves joint mobility.
- Improves circulation.
- Improves lymphatic drainage.

-Reduces muscular tension.

30 mins - $60
45 mins - $75
60 mins - $100
90 mins - $140

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Athletic Therapy 

Certified Athletic Therapist provides therapy and rehabilitation services to a wide variety of individuals. These individuals include recreation/competitive athletes, those with workplace injuries, and individuals with acute and chronic pain.

Initial Assessment 60 mins - $100
60 mins Follow-up - $100
45 mins Follow-up - $75
30 mins Follow-up  - $60

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Chiropractic care, by Dr. Ashley Stenzel, is a patient-centered, non-invasive, hands-on, regulated health care profession focused on your spine, muscles, joints and nerves.  Chiropractic treatments include joint manipulation, soft tissue and joint mobilization, rehabilitative exercise and patient education. Many people – from pregnant women to athletes – visit chiropractors to alleviate sporadic or persistent pain, reduce their risk of injuries or to improve their flexibility, mobility and posture.

Initial Assessment - $120
30 mins follow-up - $70
15 mins follow-up - $45

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Kinesiology/Exercise Therapy

The practice of Kinesiology is the assessment of movement, performance and function and the rehabilitation, prevention and management of disorders to maintain, rehabilitate or enhance movement, performance and function, in the areas of sport, recreation, work, exercise, and activities of daily living.

 So whether you are looking to improve your strength, endurance, overall health, manage an injury, manage a chronic condition, or just maintain the physical condition you are in, Kinesiology can help.

Initial Assessment 60 mins - $80
60 mins Follow-up - $80
45 mins Follow-up - $60
30 mins Follow-up - $55

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Orthotic Assessment - $50

Orthotics may be essential for the complete treatment of foot and leg pain.  Its benefit include:
- correct foot imbalances for better foot and ankle function
- decrease risk of injuries
- Eliminate/Decrease foot and ankle pain and discomfort.

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Concussion Assessment & Management

A concussion is an injury to the brain resulting from an impact to the head. We employ the SCAT5 (Sideline Concussion Assessment Tool) pre-season to determine the baseline or athlete’s “normal” responses and reactions.  Following a suspected concussion, the athlete will follow a standardized return to play protocol under the supervision of the athletic therapist.

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Stretch Therapy - $60

Stretch therapy is assisted stretching whereby the trainer/therapist stretches the client by combining contraction and relaxation of the muscle being stretched. It is designed to increase flexibility and reduce pain from muscles stiffness. Stretch therapy is based on the therapeutic effects of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF).

PNF stretching is capable of producing greater improvement in flexibility compared to other techniques because it ensures that a deeper and longer-lasting stretch is attained. Even athletes of all sports can use stretch therapy to improve their flexibility, increase sport performance, prevent injuries and recover from their intense training sessions.

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Foot Care Clinic

Our foot care clinic,  provided by chiropractor, Dr. Ashley Stenzel, is designed to help stop foot pain.  We give you the tools needed to have happy healthy feet again.  

Please book under "Chiropractic - Initial Assessment" for your first visit to our foot care clinic.

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Acupuncture or  Cupping

Acupuncture and cupping are provided by our Chiropractor, Dr. Ashley Stenzel.  Please book under "Chiropractic - Initial Assessment" for our your first visit for acupuncture or cupping.

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