Registered Massage Therapy 

Massage Therapy can be used for treatment of both acute and chronic conditions. It has proven beneficial for a wide variety of conditions, for people of all ages. It provides the following benefits:
- Reduces or eliminates pain.
- Improves joint mobility.
- Improves circulation.
- Improves lymphatic drainage.
-Reduces muscular tension. 

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Athletic Therapy 

Certified Athletic Therapist provides therapy and rehabilitation services to a wide variety of individuals. These individuals include recreation/competitive athletes, those with workplace injuries, and individuals with acute and chronic pain.

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Naturopathy services, by Dr. Kai (ND) provides comprehensive medical care that removes barriers to better health and sustainable wellness through education, collaboration and inspiration. We function as the initial point of contact for persons with undiagnosed health concerns and provide ongoing care for various medical conditions, not limited by cause, organ system or diagnosis. DrKaiND works closely with patients, designated healthcare surrogates, in the absence of a medical power of attorney, and their healthcare team to ensure positive patient outcomes within a reasonable timeframe. We strongly believe this model of healthcare increases patient autonomy, compliance and positive health outcomes.

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